Thursday, January 05, 2006

E-prières pour Arik !

Depuis l’hospitalisation du Premier ministre israélien, des centaines de « prières electroniques» de lecteurs du monde entier affluent sur le site du Jerusalem Post. Extraits.

La presse israélienne annonce qu'Ariel Sharon est entre la vie et la mort, jeudi 5 janvier 2006.REUTERS/GIL COHEN MAGEN

Arik, mon héros !
de Madelyn - Israel 01/05/2006 13:40

Get well & have a full recovery - we are not ready to see you leave - you will always be my hero

Un touriste sud-africain reconnaissant.
De Steven Magid - South Africa 01/05/2006 13:41

Arik, my prayers are and have always been with you. Thank you Arik for once again making Israel safe to visit. I pray that you receive a refuah Shlemah.

Paix entre Juifs et Arabes
De Nabil Azzayoun - United Arab Emirates 01/05/2006 12:03

I pray for the quik full recuvery of Ariel Sharon. he maybe the only one to bring peace to the palestinians and the jews.

Prière chrétienne
De Bob Smallwood - USA 05/01/2006 07:33

Christians join in with prayers for Ariel's recovery.

… Et même des Juifs messianiques…
De Larry Seps - USA 01/05/2006 12:40

Dear Prime Minister Sharon, I and other Christians are praying for your salvation and healing. I pray that you will accept Yeshua as your Messiah and that you will ask Elohim to forgive your sins by the blood that Yeshua shed for you on the cross at Calvary. We are also praying for your healing and speedy recovery.

Juifs de France
De Laura Goldstein - France 01/05/2006 11:31

Soyez fort! Retablissez vous vite,Israel et le peuble juif besoin de vous.

D'Ester Tarnogol - Argentina 01/05/2006 12:18

Dios te bendiga Ariel, con una vida digna de ser vivida y continues brindando Gloria a Israel. Te necesitamos

…et du Brésil
De bouqvar, ana - Brazil 01/05/2006 13:49

We, Brazilian jews, are praying for you! You are and always be a great leader for our people!

Please beat them all !
D'Edy Pluznik - Switzerland 01/05/2006 13:19

Dear Arik, You have always beaten them all, please beat them again! You are the only capable leading our people of Israel. Refuah Scheleimah. Edy

Our Lion, our rock
De Joyce - USA 01/05/2006 13:24

Sharon of gentle heart. So few know your goodness or depth. You are the lion of the Jewish people, our rock...I pray for you with tears of affection

La maman d’Ariel
De Yechiel L - Canada 01/05/2006 13:53

May the Almighty grant him a full and speedy recovery. ----does anyone know what Ariel's mother's name is?

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